Thursday, January 19, 2006

Skiers Delight

Like the headline says, the upcoming forecast will be a skier's delight. Well, basically northern New England skiers. Looks like a Saturday snowstorm for northern New Hampshire, Vermont, and central and northern Maine. Looks like a fairly significant snowstorm for these regions, especially in the mountains as they will see the heavier snow compared to valley locations.

If you are heading up that way, as I know a few people going up to North Conway skiing this weekend, you are going to know several things; when are we going to see this storm, how much will fall, and where will it fall.

To the first question, we will see this storm move in during the morning hours on Saturday; earliest in Vermont and latest in Maine. With this storm, however, most of the precipitation associated with this storm will be confined to areas north of Concord, NH. The rain/snow line will set up shop right around Conway, NH. Areas to the north of this line will likely see accumulating snow most of the day on Saturday. We are not talking the usual powder we see in mid January, but the gloppy wet March and April type snow. It will stick to everything, including trees and power lines. The snow may be a little less gloppy in the highest of the mountains. So, how much? Areas from Conway, NH northward will generally see a 2-4" snowfall in the valleys to about 6" in the mountains. Areas to the south of Conway will just see a few snowflakes and no accumulation.

This is strictly a north mountains snowstorm, if you even want to call it that.

Later Monday night into Tuesday, more of us here in southern New England may see accumulating snow, but it will be a close call if we even get the precipitation shield this far north, as it may just get to about the NH/MA border and the second question is how much cold air will be in place, causing questions with a rain/snow line. Doesn't look anything more than a minor event at this time, but as you know things here in New England generally tend to change and rapidly with little to no warning.

I will keep you tuned on this weekend's skier's delight and the possiblity of a snowstorm around these parts early next week. Remember what snow is? Its that white stuff that falls from the sky. Its been that kind of winter...

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