Monday, January 23, 2006

Snows Aftermath...Bitter Chill and More Storminess

Wow! That was a pretty decent New England snowstorm we just experienced this morning and early afternoon with generally 5-10" just south of the Mass Pike to southern New Hampshire. Here is how some towns in southern New England faired...

Boston, MA: 4.4" (Logan International Airport)
Woburn, MA: 6.5"
Belmont, MA: 8"
Waltham, MA: 8"
Newton, MA: 5"
Cambridge, MA: 5"
West Boylston, MA: 11"
Worcester, MA: 10"
Providence, RI: 2"

The South Shore, including Bridgewater, and areas south of the Mass Pike by 20 miles and just north and west of Plymouth picked up about 4-6" of heavy wet snowfall. Near Plymouth and just off the South Coast there was about 1-2" of gloppy slushy snow.

Down on the Cape there was not much more than some slush as about an inch and a quarter of rain fell, as most of us were experiencing near whiteout conditions between 9-12 noon. Snowfall rates at one point were on the order of 1-2" per/hr. We managed to get most of our snowfall in about 6-8 hours. And this was generally a heavy wet snow that all fell with temperatures at 32-33 degrees and then ended as a period of drizzle and flurries around 2 PM. Most of this will clear away and all the slush will freeze in place overnight as low temperatures will generally range in the mid-upper 20's.

Tomorrow, amazingly will manage to reach into the upper 30's to around 40 throughout most of southern New England and there will be some melting going on.

Tomorrow night we may see a few snow flurries or a passing snow squall depositing a quick dusting to half an inch of snow. Then the somewhat arctic chill will move into the area with highs in the upper 20's to around 30 on Thursday and highs will be in the mid 30's on Friday.

Saturday will probably feature fair skies with temperatures generally a seasonable levels in the mid-upper 30's.


A storm will be moving up at on Sunday from the Missisissippi Valley and this could be another marginal rain/snow storm and this storm has the potentail to deliver lots of moisture. Right now, areas north and west of Boston and the coast will have the best chance of seeing significant winter precipitation. Rain/snow line will be an issue again.

More on this and the weather for the rest of the work week later!

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Worcester, MA: 8.7" TOTAL