Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sorry Snowlovers

Sorry to say that with the newest information from the GFS, it looks like the Tuesday storm looks much weaker and develops much further out to sea, only bringing light rain/snow showers to the Cape and the Islands with little to nothing further north.

This "OUT TO SEA" trend has been going for about 12 hours now and if it continues and all day tomorrow still takes this thing out to sea, I think I will lower my alert level somewhat. Still looks likely that we will see rain showers move in on Sunday afternoon and into Monday.

With these big storms they generally tend to look like they are going to hit us, the computer models back off entirely and then sometimes they go back full force right before the storm, 36 to 48 hours. So do not be surprised if this comes back into the forecast, but for now I am only calling for us to be fringed by this storm with very little accumulation.

Sorry snowlovers, including myself, I was really looking forward to the possiblity of a good snowstorm. Seems like these potential big storms always have to miss us. Oh well, still have about 2 months left of wintertime.

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