Friday, January 20, 2006

Need Some Snow!

Where I live, just outside of Boston, our last good snow was all the way back on December 9, 2005 when we had the thunder snows and about 14" of the white stuff. Ahh, what a day. Now, it feels like it is in the middle of April and right now just before 11 AM, it is approaching 50 and we may see a high just shy of 60 by one or two degrees.

Tomorrow will feature much of the same, temperaturewise, but it will be much more cloudy with a few passing light rain showers from time to time.

For the snow potential up north in the mountains of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, I had to move the rain/snow line a little bit father north to being that anywhere to the north of Burlington, VT and north of Berlin, NH will see wet snow. Also, well to the west of Bangor and Augusta, ME there will be snows in the western mountains in Maine. To break it down, I had to lower my snowfall forecast predictions from yesterday.

Starting time is tomorrow morning for most.

In the most northern Green and White Mountains, and I am basically talking right up against the Canadian border we may see an accumulation of 1-4" with the most obviously in the highest elevations. In northern and western Maine, we may see a bit more with a snowfall accumulation anywhere from 3-5", mostly confined to the highest elevations as well. This will not be a major or even moderate storm. Basically, if this was last winter, this type of snowfall would barely get mentioned, but since its a different year, this is news.

News on the potental wintry mix for early next week. (Monday/Monday Night)

Well, with each new run of the computer models, the trend of this storm is to develop farther south and head more east out to sea, grazing the Cape and South Coast with a few light snow showers or light rain showers. North of the Pike and in Boston, sprinkles and flurries looks like all that we will be able to muster out of this one, sadly. Snowlovers, I really don't know what to tell you, at this point it just doesn't seem like it is our year. Every single time we have a chance of snow the chance of it happening just gets less and less as we approach it. Looks like this Monday's storm will be no exception, barring a miracle in the track of this storm more to the north and west.

Colder air next week?

Well, after Monday we will see highs in the upper 30's Tuesday through next weekend, which ironically enough is still a tad Above Average. Another storm will develop off the North Carolina coast later next week, but all signs are that it is going to push out south of us, maybe grazing the Cape with a little light mix. What a winter, seems like when we get cold enough for snow, we can't buy a storm system, but when a storm system does come toward us, it warms up just in time and we get a mild rainstorm.

Maybe we snowlovers, or powderhounds as blogger Mr. Richard Foot likes to say, will have better luck in February. Our time is running out though. Crocuses are already starting to pup out through the ground and as well as some tulips!!!

We have to change this pattern and fast.

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