Friday, January 27, 2006

Nice Saturday...Stormy Week Ahead

Well, I told you that I would not be back unless something big was on the way, well there is sometihng pretty major developing and it is starting to make even the most experienced meteorologists sweat a little.

Before that, we have got tomorrow. Remember last Saturday with temperatures in the 50's to near 60, well we may not be that warm, but highs around 50 are very possible tomorrow afternoon. Then comes Storm #1 on Sunday with mostly rain showers, light, and will continue into Sunday night. Northern New England may see a mix of light rain, sleet, and snow and may even see a light accumulation of snowfall on the order of a couple of inches? What this storm will do is bring down some cold air from Canada and will bring this nice chilly air all the way down to the South Coast and Cape.

This will set the stage for a potential major Nor'Easter on Monday night through Wednesday afternoon! Yeah, this could be a long duration storm. In between, during the day on Monday, colder air will be draining into the area with temperatures generally settling into the lower 30's and we may even see some light sleet or snow ahead of the main storm. So, Monday will be the calm before the storm.

Then comes the fun part....

This is a graphic, courtesy of, of the potential major storm heading in on Monday night. Looks very ominous. Look at the storm ingredients. A strong storm developing along the Del Marva. Colder air draining into the storm. Abundant Atlantic moisture to be thrown into the rapidly developing storm. And not in the graphic, but there will be a high pressure system in SE Canada that will keep the cold air in place making this mostly a snow event for much of SNE. Only exception will be the South Coast and Cape, where some rain or sleet may mix in with the snow. However, I have to tell you that with each new run of the models, it looks that even there, it looks to be mostly a snowstorm. North and west of Providence and Boston, I am almost certain that this storm will be mainly white.

This graphic also outlines the threat of this potential Nor'Easter coming early next week. Looks like it could be getting very interesting. Way too early to be throwing out any snowfall amounts, but being extremely safe I would say the potential exists from the suburbs of Philadelphia to New York City to Boston and southern New Hampshire for more than six inches of snow. This is starting to be more likely. This is an extremely large area to see that much snow widespread. Someone in this area could wind up with well over a foot. Stay tuned!!!

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