Friday, August 25, 2006

Late August Chill...

After a surprisingly perfect day yesterday with temperatures in the mid 70's with mostly sunny skies early in the afternoon. Yesterday's perfection will be a thing of the past by tomorrow and even this afternoon with temperatures in the middle 60's. Saturday morning is when the chill will peak or bottom out with lows around New England ranging from the 30's north to the 40's in the suburbs of southern New England to around 55 in urban centers. Highs on Saturday will be hard to rise as many areas will top out on either side of 60 degrees. Places along the coast and on top of the hill in Worcester County may stay in the upper 50's. Rain and showers will likely develop on Sunday and pretty much be a washout and the forecast for Monday has changed. Looks like the warm front will not be through our area and temperatures will stay around 70 with limited sun and a possible shower. Another washout on Tuesday. Possibly, but I would not bet on a total washout that quick. Sunnier, drier, and warmer air is on the way for later next week as temperatures will be back into the 70's.

Side note: T.D. 5 has developed around the Windwards. Will likely become Ernesto and move through the Carribean as a tropical storm. May be making landfall in Jamaica by the end of this weekend. Should be something to watch. Debby...forget about her.