Thursday, March 27, 2008

Winter's Last Hurrah

Didn't have time to make my own snowfall map, but here is the one from newscenter five, as they have done a nice job outlining the threat for tomorrow morning through late evening. Rain and snow will develop overnight tonight and when you wake up tomorrow, there could be moderate snow falling north of Route 2 and a snowy mix south of there with marginal temperatures in the 34-36 degree range. South of Route 2, I think roads will stay all wet through the entire day. North of Route 2 is a different story where some plows may have to come out. The Boston corridor and metrowest will likely see 1-2" of sloppy wet snow that sticks to the grass. More like 2-3" in Worcester County in the highest elevations. Once you get to northern ORH Co. and southern New Hampshire where there is a WINTER STORM WARNING at this time, more like 4-5" of snow will fall with some 6-7" lollies in the SW part of NH and highest elevations.

After this snow, we have a frigid Saturday with highs in the mid 30's with biting winds, making it feel more like the mid 20's all day. But we should warm up later next week and I think we could be pushing 60 degrees by midweek next week and we may be pushing 70 degrees by next weekend. Details to be determined. We always have to be weary of backdoor cold fronts and sea breezes this time of year.

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