Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Flooding Rains on the Way...

More rain and more rain is on the way for New England. This morning was wild with wind swept rain with a few rumbles of thunder around 7:30 AM in the Boston metro area. However, that has cleared out and in its wake we have temperatures falling from around 60F this afternoon into the 30's overnight with large puddles in our lawns. Tomorrow will be a day with light winds, but still warm with highs in the 50's. Then we look for our next storm coming in on Friday afternoon and this one will be a wet storm as well with lots of water to boot. This could be a wet storm all the way into CNE and NNE. Snowpack as close a Concord, NH is around 20" and in North Conway, we have a snowpack exceeding 50"! Water equivalencies in this astounding snowpack is over 10" of water! Once we get this to melt, there is going to be MAJOR problems to life and property. Its a disaster in the making, basically. It may not unfold this weekend, but we will just be delaying the inevitable. This weekend's storm will have between 2-4" of RAIN associated with it. Most of this rain will be absorbed into the deep snowpack up north, but its getting to the point where measures will be needed to be taken to insure life and property. Thereafter we cool down back into the 30's heading into the second full week of March and the last full week of winter.

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