Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Bust for Many Last Night

Well, that forecast did not really work out for eastern Massachusetts last night and this morning. That pesky coastal front left all the good snow and lift out in Worcester County, leaving eastern parts warmer and with less QPF. Generally in eastern Mass we saw between 2-3" of snow with a few 4" amounts north of Wilmington. Out in Worcester we had many reports of 6-8" of snowfall, where it was colder and had more precipitation. Now it is wrapping up with a few snow showers going through the area with temperatures in the mid 30's, so there will be no sticking. Now we look to tomorrow and the rest of the upcoming week. Tomorrow will feature breezy conditions with winds gusting over 30 mph, but temperatures will rebound into the low 40's with a high March sun angle, it will feel warm. We warm up even more on Monday, with partly cloudy skies and temperatures getting up to 50 degrees.

A storm will cut to our west and we will see a rainstorm with very mild temperatures on Tuesday with rain moving into the area in the afternoon and becoming heavy later in the evening and nighttime. We could see areas pick up between 2-3" of rainfall in SNE, while the northern mountains of Maine will see over a foot of snow. Like they need it. Many spots in NNE picked up 8-14" with this last storm that busted in SNE this morning. Temperatures on Tuesday will push in the mid to perhaps upper 50's with maybe somebody nudging 60 degrees.

We will cool off on Wednesday, back into the 40's, but the damage will have already been done here in SNE and all the snow will be all but gone in our backyards. Later in the week, we have to watch a storm to our south that could come up the coast, but latest indicationns are that it will head just out to sea, barely grazing the South Coast. This will have to be monitored, but doesn't look like a major threat ATTM.

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