Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stormy Weekend?

I have been watching the potential of a storm around these parts for later this weekend, right before St. Patrick's Day. The computer models have been pretty much all over the place. I really do not think that we will have a good grip on this storm until maybe 24-36 hours from now as all the elements start to come into the lower 48 and we can see how this thing wants to work out. For now the GFS and several other models that are very reliable are showing a storm affecting our area later this weekend, namely Sunday. Now this graphic from Accuweather shows the storm as it streaks across the country and they do a great job at showing this storm at the worst. It will be a fairly sizable storm system that could blow up as it nears the East Coast. This graphic shows an ominous picture of what could possibly happen. I am not going to go out on a limb with this one, because there are just too many variables right now. I don't think these variables will start to work themselves out until Thursday or even Friday afternoon.

Lastly, I should say that a few flakes will be falling from the sky. Expect some light snow falling in western Mass spreading east as it deposits a quick coating to 1/2" in some elevated areas of Worcester County. Closer to home, in eastern Mass, we will see some wet flakes to begin and then see the flakes switch to drops that will barely be enough to wet the pavement. By tomorrow afternoon, highs will be in the 40's, so no worries.

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