Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weekend Storm a Miss; Bring on Spring!

The models have put another spin on things and now we aren't looking at a good sized storm for later this weekend. In fact, there won't even be a storm for the Mid Atlantic. It looks like the blocking that would have kept this storm from heading harmlessly out to sea is not going to set up in time and we will not see the storm ride up the coast and give New England a wind plastering snowfall. Yesterday at this time, I would have gone with a moderate to heavy snowstorm, but today, I think we will just see some gusty winds and partly sunny skies. Obviously, any slight change in the track and we are right back in the game, but it doesn't look good for the storm ATTM. Sunday will be the cool day with highs in the 30's, but looking towards next week, we warm up to the mid 40's on St. Patrick's Day and are surging into the mid 50's for Tuesday and that will be good news for all the baseball and softball coaches who want to get their teams onto the fields. It looks like the fields should be dry enough to go right out next week.

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