Monday, March 17, 2008

Wednesday Morning Snow/Mix

Here is a quick first call on the snow that will come down late late tomorrow night and early Wednesday morning before any kind of change to rainfall. Most of Mass north of the Pike will see some accumulating snowfall early Wednesday morning before the changeover with the hills of Worcester Co. and SNH that fare the best with snowfall. Even there it will not be all that heavy, but it will come down at the worst possible time, right at the beginning of the morning commute. Most of the snow will have fallen by 7-9AM and will be turning to a cold rain by this time. In the green, it could start as a few wet flakes and pellets of sleet before switching over to rain quickly with no accumulation, but once you move into the blue area is where you could pick up a quick coating to one inch of snow. I would bet that Boston sees some big wet flakes accumulate to a coating on grassy surfaces early Wednesday morning. The suburbs could pick up closer to an inch before his is washed away with the suburbs of Worcester picking up perhaps closer to 2" of snowfall with any heavier amounts reserved for Keene, NH and on to Concord and once you get up to North Conway, up to 2-5" of snowfall will accumulate before the switch to rain/IP and then you may switch back to snow for an additional light (1-3") accumulation later tomorrow night. Thats all for now. More later.

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