Thursday, March 06, 2008


More flooding rains are in the forecast for SNE. We have ourselves quite the storm coming at us tonight that will arrive tomorrow night and early Saturday. This storm has brought Dallas/Ft. Worth a 3-6" snowstorm this Thursday and its heading through Arkansas and the southern Ohio Valley with snowfall of 6-12" before we get to Cleveland and into Ontario where 12-24" of snow is forecast. Don't worry about snow here in SNE. We will be on the warm side of the storm, so all we have to worry about is rain. Here in SNE we will see a good 2-4" of liquid, rainfall through Saturday. Just with that we will see flooding of streets and small streams. The rain will come in two batches. The first batch will be associated with the first low pressure system tomorrow night that will feature rainy conditions with temperatures in the middle 30's overnight tomorrow. Temperatures will shoot up into the upper 40's on Saturday morning before the second knockout punch hits us late morning Saturday and early Saturday afternoon with temperatures in the 50's with heavy rain, winds, and thunderstorms rumbling through. This batch will give rain even to CNE, where 3-5" of rain is in the snowpack, so that could flood the rivers heading into the great Merrimack. Something we will have to watch.

Overall, I think catastrophic flooding will remain low because the North will likely start out as snow and wintery mix on Friday night-Saturday AM, before transitioning to rain late AM, before switching back to accumulating snow later. Portions north of North Conway-Burlington-Bangor will likely see a net gain of snowfall this weekend with accumulations likely in the 6-10" range, with snow to ice to rain to snow; a nasty layer cake that will wreak havoc on roofs and backs shoveling. The disaster will be postponed to a later date.

Thereafter, we cool down and as soon as we get temperatures cold enough for some snow, there goes the storm every other day pattern and we go sunny dry and quiet with temperatures eventually moderating. We start off awfully chilly next week with highs in the 30's for Monday, but by midweek, we are already pushing 50 once again with a storm that looks to be stalling and heading to our west by late week, which should flood the East with warm air and rain once again by next weekend? You know the pattern by now.

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