Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Quiet Week for Once

After getting days and days of stormy, windy weather here in SNE, it looks like we will finally be rewarded a break this week with some fair weather. I do not see any extremely windy or wet days in the next several. Tomorrow, Easter, will start off mighty frigid with temperatures in the upper 10's in suburbia and 20's in the cities. Temperatures will respond to the strong late March sun, into the mid 40's. The sunny conditions will remain into Monday with a tad cooler day, mainly in the low 40's after chilly morning temperatures in the 10's and 20's. Then we start off dry on Tuesday and may get a few showers in here after dark overnight Tuesday and early Wednesday morning here in SNE. They will be very light showers, generally under a quarter of an inch of liquid. It may be cold enough overnight in NNE for a couple inches of snow overnight Tuesday and early Wednesday morning with the passage of this clipper system. That will clear out early Wednesday and then we will return to fair weather for the rest of the week.

Thursday and Friday will be dry days with mostly sunny skies and moderating temperatures. The good news this week is that there will not be any extreme wind events like we have had to endure for the past several days, causing scattered intense damage to trees and power lines. None of that this week thankfully. Just a quiet regime, for now. More later this week.

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