Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Short Work Week with Lots of Weather

There are no real warm temperatures on the offing for our area as we officially end winter this year. Temperatures will not be really cold, but just cool enough to make outside baseball practices a little miserable. That's March baseball in New England though. Tomorrow is the kickoff to the spring sports season here in the greater Boston area and lots of practices and tryouts will be taking place outside tomorrow afternoon after school. Tomorrow will feature cool conditions with highs generally in the low to mid 40's, but will be under the sun, so as long as you stay in the sun, it will feel quasi warm outside. The only thing that will put a spring bite to the air will be the biting NW winds associated with the monster ocean storm that we just missed today. Winds will be in the 20 to 30 mph range, making temperatures in the low 40's, feel more like 30 degrees. Tuesday will be another day where the sports teams will be able to get outside on the fields and with less wind and abundant sun in the afternoon, it won't be all that bad. Highs should get to between 45-50 degrees across the SNE area and with the sunshine and little wind, it will feel some 10 degrees warmer.

Then we will have to deal with the rain. In fact, as clouds thicken on Tuesday afternoon and lower Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, it may actually start as a brief period (2-4 hours) of snow that mixes with some sleet and gradually changes to rainfall in the BOS metro area by midmorning Wednesday. I don't think there will be any accumulation in the lower elevations, but I would not throw out the possibility that up to 1-2" of snowfall falls in the elevated areas of Northern Worcester County up through the Manadnocks in SW NH. Further north in the White Mountains and NW Maine, I wouldn't be surprised if 2-6" fell before any kind of changeover. After the changeover in the BOS metro area, we will see heavy rain through the mid afternoon hours. All said and done, I would expect 0.75" to 1.50" of RF through the entire event that comes to an end on Wednesday night in SNE. The rain may actually change back to snow in extreme northern VT and NH and NW ME as they get some upslope snows as the low departs through the GOM. An additional 2-5" of snow is possible after the change to rain. I would not be surprised if some come close to 6-10" of accumulative snowfall in the highest mountains once this comes to an end up there in NNE.

Then we welcome in Spring here at 1:48 AM with breaking clouds and mild temperatures with a gusty NW wind. Highs should get into the upper 40's to around 50 on Thurdsay before we start to see the cold air in Canada move back into the New England region and we cool down dramatically to end off the workweek, or start the weekend, on Good Friday. Highs on Saturday will struggle to get out of the 30's and we continue to stay chilly right on into Easter Sunday. Highs look to only be around 40 degrees for early Easter dinners and will be in the upper 20's to low 30's for early morning services. The egg hunt may be a little chilly as well. You may want to move it inside this year. That's what happens when we have early Easters in March.

That is all for now. After Wednesday's storm, it looks quiet going into Easter weekend, but weather likes to change quickly around here, so stay tuned for more updates and a snowfall map for the Wednesday storm that should be posted sometime tomorrow or Tuesday. (NNE)

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