Thursday, April 05, 2007

Winter Chill Dominates into Next Week!

Our winter chill will dominate the next 7-8 days at least with overnight lows in the 20's and daytime highs getting into the 40's. What a scene waking up this morning to my thick blanket of snow of around 2.5", with many areas in NE MA picking up between 3-5" of snow. Just across the border into NH, may areas saw a solid 6-10" with areas further north past Concord, NH up to Portland, ME and much of central Maine picking up a whopping wet 12-20" of snow! Sunday River has recorded nearly 3 FEET of snow since this Monday alone!

Is there any more snow in the forecast? Not in the form we saw it last night, but there will be snow showers and flurries in the North for the entire weekend and into next week as a broad area of upper level low pressure will pinwheel cold air into our area for the foreseeable future. By next week we may be talking about a major storm for the eastern half of the US, but that is getting ahead of ourselves.

An interesting sidenote, parts of Texas and the Mid Atlantic are bracing for some significant April snow. Parts of the TX panhandle may see up to 4" and Dallas may even see a few wet snowflakes mixed in with the rain tomorrow! Dallas, TX seeing snow this late in the season. Its nearly mid April! The Mid Atlantic, namely the Del Marva may be seeing their most significant snowfall of the season believe it or not tomorrow night! A low pressure system will be getting its act together right off the coast and throw back some Atlantic moisture into the cold air to produce some heavy wet snow. Right now it looks like someone in Delaware may see upwards of 4-6" of snow! That storm will miss us to our east and crash into the Canadian Maritimes and give Newfoundland a whopper of a storm over the weekend with blizzard conditions with snow likely totaling 1-2 feet.

Like I said, Boston may get into the act the middle of next week. Until then we can stay warm by basking under the "warmth" of another Red Sox win...

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