Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Hot Monday

After a beautiful weekend, we will embark on a beautiful first half of the week. Tomorrow will be the hottest of 2007 with many areas getting into the 80's for afternoon highs. Many places will top out in the lower to mid 80's with some cities right on the beach and South Coast probably staying in the lower to mid 70's, but move in just a mile or two and you are right back up to 80 degrees. It will be a high heat with extremely low humidity and gusty 30 mph SW winds that may spark some scattered brush fires. You know the drill. Be careful or just don't burn leaves or brush tomorrow while doing yard work and do not throw cigarette butts out of your car window into brush. All it will take is a little spark tomorrow and there will be some headaches for fire crews. For this reason we are under a FIRE WEATHER WATCH which will likely be raised to a RED FLAG WARNING for tomorrow. Tuesday will cool down a bit, but it will still be warm. Then it gets dreary for midweek on, but it does not look like the flooding rains we saw one week ago. It will be more nuisance light rains that will be scattered around. It will not be a steady rain that goes on and on for days and days that causes the rivers to go over their banks. Right now the time line on the rains is difficult to pin so I put a chance of light rain showers for every day, but as we get closer, the larger breaks between the rains will be more pronounced and forecasted. It should all get out of here by next weekend.

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Andrew said...

Its almost like I know what I am talking about...high today in Bedford hit 87 and Boston 86...

I "was" right on a few days ago.