Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Storm has Trended Much Warmer for SNE...Another Major Snow for NNE

This afternoon the models went to a mostly rain solution for SNE, after yesterday showing much of SNE receiving an easy 6"+. Now we may see a good 1-3" of rain. All the snow will likely stay into CNE and NNE where there are already Winter Storm Watches in effect for heavy accumulating snows. Boston and Boston's suburbs will be all rain out of this one. Sorry, I was looking forward to watching the snow fall too. It may start as a brief period of snow that may accumulate 1-3" out towards Worcester, but that too will be washed away. NNE, the White Mountains into the western mountains of Maine may see the bonanza out of this storm yet again with many areas picking up in excess of a foot of wet snowfall that may cause power outages.

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