Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Normal" Spring Weather

Rain showers are enveloping our region late this afternoon and will be with SNE through about 10PM this Sunday night. It should be very light stuff, just enough to make a few small puddles and wetten the ground. Most of it should clear out tonight, but there could be a few more showers moving in overnight and may stick around with us through about 10AM tomorrow with scattered sprinkles through the entire afternoon with a few sunny breaks that will propell us o the mid 60's, despite the mainly cloudy skies.

Tuesday drier conditions will be around and temperatures will be seasonably cool in the morning and warm up nicely in the afternoon to around 65 regionwide. Clouds will start to thicken and turn the sky overcast by 5PM ahead of the next light rainmaker. Rain should move in overnight Tuesday and last into the first half of the day Wednesday, similar to tomorrow's setup.

Dry and warmer conditions will end out the upcoming week, with seasonal temperatures in the 60's and maybe we can get to near 70 by week's end with mostly sunny skies. Perfect for yard work and maybe cutting the lawn for the first time this year?

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