Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Some Snow Today

Putting it out there that many of us will likely see some snowfall today if you already haven't seen it this morning. Parts of Worcester County have already seen some snow today accumulation up to a 1/2" as well. More is on the way for today. All of us are fair game for some wet snow today even down to the coastline. Right now I am watching a rather intense band of precipitation pivoting into NE SNE at this time from Maine and will likely be here by noon. With the atmosphere so much colder today, this heavier precipitation will likely mix with and change to snow and sleet in SNE. I wouldn't be surprised to see some light accumulations on car tops and grassy surfaces, especially in Worcester County where they have already seen the snow. GFS is computing that as much as 1-3" is possible outside of Route 495 today with up to 4" in SW NH. We will see, but the threat is out there today and real.

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Andrew said...

Its looking like this is going to stay all rain for much of NE today..temperatures are just too warm. I'm sitting at 41 and its sticking there.

Bring on summer.