Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Skipping Spring and Heading Right into Summer

Tomorrow will be our last cool day with temperatures cooler than average in the upper 40's, but then the sun will come back on Friday and the warmer temperatures will be back. We first warm up slowly on Friday with temperatures reaching to around 60 and then we are in the 60's on Saturday and then we will be in the lower 70's on Sunday and then will max out to around 80 on Monday in many inland areas. The one problem will be the coast because of the fact that the water temperatures are only around 40 this time of year. I do believe that even the coast will be pushing 80 on Monday because there will be a gusty WSW wind, but during this weekend we will have a finicky wind that will likely transition to a sea breeze right along the coastline and will likely make temperatures drop a good 10-15 degrees below the numbers you see on the forecast. Early next week, however, we will all bake, except the south facing coasts where a WSW breeze is a sea breeze, so they will be markably cooler with highs likely to be around 60, which is much better than the 4-5 day stretch we have been dealing with with highs in the upper 30's to lower 40's and constant rain. The end of this stretch is near and we will be skipping nice springlike weather and head right into a nice summertime stretch. Enjoy.

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