Friday, April 06, 2007

A White Easter in the Mid Atlantic and Texas!

The Mid Atlantic is bracing for one of their biggest snowstorms this 6th day of April. Can you believe it? The storm that will deliver this blow of wind and snow to the areas south of DC is actually a spitout of the storm that pounded New England yesterday with 1-2 feet of snow. More energy will rotate around the upper level low and spawn another storm off the Virginia coast that will really start to get its act together quickly and rotate bands of moderate to a period of heavy snow for areas in blue. As you can see, areas in the blue shading could be seeing 3-6" of snow out of this one. Somebody may see a half a foot of snow way down there and that just shows that the atmosphere here in SNE will still be able to deliver a good sized snowstorm for us. That may likely come next week, but again I don't want to get ahead of myself. This storm on the past 2 model runs has pushed a little closer to the coast and now gets the Cape into the action and one model even gets the South Shore, just SE of Boston into the game with a touch of light rain and snow. Most of the precipitation would fall in the form of snow, according to me, but since it would fall during the peak daylight hours, it would probably melt on contact, except accumulate on the grassy surfaces and car tops. Latest guidance is showing that an inch or two of wet snow could accumulate east of the Bourne Bridge. I will wait for the 18z models to come in, but extreme SE SNE could be seeing a blanket of white on the ground by tomorrow night.

Think the Mid Atlantic snowstorm is whacked, wait until you hear what else is going to be happening tomorrow. A storm will be taking shape over the southern Plains and dive into western Texas tomorrow and pull down cold air from the atmosphere, generating its own cold source and depositing a fairly significant snowstorm to western Texas. Many areas could be talking about a healthy 3-6" snowstorm, but places like Amarillo may pull off an isolated 8" amount. That storm will dive into southern Texas and bring cold air to all areas north of San Antonio and Austin, which may even bring a period of wet snow and sleet to cities like Fort Worth and Dallas, TX! It has not snowed at all in April in Dallas in over 50 years. This is just unprecedented! That storm will push off the SE coast on Monday and as it pushes off it will have enough cold air to work with to give the eastern Carolinas some snowfall. Someone on the beaches of southern North Carolina or northern South Carolina may see a healthy 1-3" of wet snowfall!!! Charleston, SC may have enough dynamics working for them to pull off a flake or two as well. Have the seasons switched on us or something?

Basically, I am just telling you of all these freak snow events that will be happening in the next 3-5 days because it just proves my point that it can snow in the middle of April in Boston. Heck, it can snow well into the month of May, so I would advise anyone in SNE, not to put away those shovels or snowblowers because I have a sneeking suspicion that Old Man Winter isn't done with us just yet. Next week looks to be a very interesting week that will feature lots of storminess and abundant cold air available. If these two elements match up, beware, there is going to be a whole heck of a LOT of snow somewhere next week. Will it be SNE and Boston? Still too early to tell, but it will be wicked fun to watch what happens.

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E.H. Boston said...

I can't believe it! Snow all the way down there. CBS 4's Barry Burbank is getting nervous for next week too...something major could be brewing. We are def. still able to manufacture snow here in SNE.

Looks like a healthy snow shower is forming in Worcester County. Temp in my area is in the mid 30's right now...lets see if that snow shower can intensify and head east.