Saturday, April 21, 2007

What a Stretch!

The weather is absolutely perfect on this Saturday. Temperatures are much higher than any forecasted as its nearly 1:30PM and the temperature on my thermometer is reading 78 degrees. One reason for this extreme heat is the fact that the dewpoint is extremely low, as many areas only have a 10-15% relative humidity. Factor that with a light to moderate NW breeze and complete sunshine, the ground really starts to bake. Dry air heats up much more fast than humid air. Thats why you can get the deserts in the SW part of the United States to have days and days of high temperatures above 120-130 degrees, while parts of Florida will very rarely get above 95. Thats why today, Saturday, I think metrowest will likely top off around 78-82 degrees. Tomorrow will be a tad cooler with a more subtle breeze turning onshore and temperatures will still be warm, but only top off around 70-75 in metrowest and upper 50's to lower 60's on the coast.

We all warm up on Monday with highs soaring well into the 80's. Many forecasts are staying conservative with temperatures in the upper 70's to around 80, but I see all levels of the atmosphere really starting to get warm. This will allow the surface to have another catalyst in warming and add the factors that we are seeing today to heat us up, we will really heat up on Monday afternoon, with temperatures in the mid to upper 80's, with the warmest temperatures actually along the eastern facing shores, as there will be a strong SW wind that is a warming land breeze all the way to the coastline. It may be a stretch, but I could probably see somebody getting real close to the 90 degree mark here in the Boston area, but if Boston doesn't do it, the Mid Atlantic from DC to Baltimore to Philadelphia has a chance at the 90 degree mark.

Tuesday the warmest of the air heads offshore, but who is going to complain about middle 70's and mostly sunny skies. It will be a Top 10 Boston 2007 day. Then it gets more unsettled midweek with much cooler temperatures. We may get stuck in the 50's on Friday with a raw east/northeasterly breeze with a storm system scooting to our south. Overnight temperatures will likely cool down a bit by Friday morning as well as many outlying cooler towns will likely flirt with freezing once again after seeing low temperatures falling to about 60 earlier in the week.

If you are looking long range, it looks like we will be on the verge of very warm air and cooler springtime air, but it looks like we will mostly be very warm through the next 10-14 days with storms skirting our area every so often, but we don't have to worry about snow again until next winter. The warmth is here to stay, finally.


Joel said...

Way to high on Monday, especially if that's for Boston.

Andrew said...

I love forecasting for me if I worked for the NWS...highest I would put would be 81...but its all for fun.

Andrew said...

Plus, forecast highs busted from between 5-10 degrees too house hit 79.4 degrees today as the highest forecasts even last night were only calling for 74 highest.

Even Boston made mid 70's and forecasts were for 60.

Mondays airmass will be a much warmer one that could support "87" under ideal conditions like this afternoon.