Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring is on the Way

Spring is most certainly on its way, slowly but surely. I see springlike temperatures sneeking their way back into the forecast as well. Tomorrow morning will be the last frigid morning in a while with lows generally ranging from -5 to 5 above. We just went through our last frigid afternoon, as tomorrow afternoon will reach into the lower 30's with limited or no wind, which will make it feel a whole lot warmer than it actually is. Saturday we get much warmer with highs getting into the lower 50's. We keep moving on up on Sunday with highs getting back into the mid to upper 50's with a chance of a few showers in the area, but it will not be a heavy or sustained rain at all. It will be showery type of rains with generally less than a tenth to a quarter of an inch.

A backdoor cold front will try to sneek through eastern SNE on Monday which will mean temperatures will just stay in the upper 40's in eastern New England, but just inland temperatures will manage the middle to upper 50's once again. Tuesday western New England goes to 60 and eastern New England gets into the middle 50's. I want to tell you that by next Tuesday, it will feel really nice with highs getting into the middle to upper 60's regionwide with a WSW wind that will slope down the mountains and warmup reaching the coast, where the warmest temperatures will be found. Wednesday will be the last day of real warmth with highs that may soar into the lower 70's in SNE! A few areas may bounce all the way up to near 75?!

Thereafter, we may go back into a colder pattern? That is a question that remains to be seen, but until then, lets just stick with the relatively short term, before we go out on a limb on the GFS down the road by about 7 to 10 days.

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