Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Old Fashioned Winter Storm

A potent winter storm is coming to wreck your end of the week fun. Waking up tomorrow, you will notice 1-2" of new snow in SNE as the rain showers of tonight transition to snow overnight. Then the main storm comes in as all snow for SNE. Even the Cape will start with a brief period of heavy snow that will quickly accumulate up to two inches that will be washed away by 3-5" of rain overnight Friday into Saturday.

The Winter Storm Watch remains in effect for all of SNE, except the Cape, for 6"+ of snow. I am sticking with the totals I have here on this map.

The snow will change to sleet and then to rain from SE to NW. The rain/snow line may make it up to Manchester tomorrow night an eastern SNE, could see 2-3" of pure rain after seeing the snowfall totals above. That said, we are also under a Flood Watch for poor drainage and urban street flooding Friday night.

This is going to be a messy storm. Best bet is to go skiing up north as many areas up there will be dealing with 12-24"+ of snow out of this one. The problem is that you might get snowed in up there. This will be a wet pasty snow that sticks to everything and causes many power outages, especially in areas that receive more than six inches of snow.

Stay tuned for the latest.

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