Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shorts Tomorrow, Shovels By St. Patty's Day?

Tomorrow is going to be an amazingly warm day in SNE. Highs away from the coast and away from the South Coast, Cape and Islands will be pushing the mid 70's tomorrow afternoon with a gusty SW wind. With the right amount of sun, areas just west of the shore, by about 5-7 miles will see highs well into the 70's. If you live on either of the Capes and South Coast, you will not see highs in the 70's. Highs for you will be in the 50's due to the water temperatures in the middle to upper 30's at the current time. Boston and the eastern facing coasts will likely get to the mid 60's by the noon to one o'clock hour, but may see a flip to a sea breeze later in the afternoon if the winds slacken just a bit. Temperatures would fall back into the mid 50's. Either way, it is going to be a fantastic day for outdoor activities and the first practices outdoors for the first time this spring season.

Rain, thunderstorms, and wind will be moving in tomorrow night with locally heavy rainfall possible. Highs Thursday will still be quite mild with highs balmy in the 60's with humid conditions. Rain will generally taper during the day as a front goes through the area Thursday night that will usher in a much colder Friday with scattered showers and drizzle throughout the area, making for a very raw New England spring day. It will continue to get progressively colder Friday night as a storm is developing off the Mid Atlantic coast and the next question is how close will the storm make it to the SNE coast? I think it will get up here with rain and snow, but what will the temperature be at the ground level when it is precipitating. That will be a big question and why I am not totally buying into this storm as a major winter storm threat for SNE at this time. However, it bears watching and areas in Central and Northern New England will likely see a moderate to heavy snow out of this after tomorrow night's flooding rains. Spring skiing will continue due to this storm.

Stay tuned to this storm threat, but promise me you all do one thing. Get outside tomorrow, go for a run, play catch, play a little one on one, or just sit outside and soak in the warm sun because it is going to be a top 10 day of the year. Enjoy.

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