Monday, March 05, 2007

Arctic Express Makes its Presence Known

The coldest day of the season could be on tap for tomorrow with many areas not getting out of the "tweens." The bigger cities may make a run at 15 to 18 degrees tomorrow afternoon, but that will be about it. Lows in the morning will be in the lower single digits. We rebound a tad for Wednesday with highs in the lower 20's regionwide, but the tradeoff will be a little snowfall, especially along the south coast of CT and RI and the Cape and Islands may see a little fluffy snowfall. Right now it looks as if most of the precipitation with this system will pass to the south of us and deliever areas from the Great Lakes to Pittsburg to Philadelphia and Baltimore to the Jersey Shore a chance at snow advisory type snows, on the tune of 3-5". A few places in south central PA may actually pick up 6-7" of fluff. The south coast of SNE and Cape may see a D-3". Nantucket could pick up close to 4", but that remains to be seen. One more day using the computer models and then it will be a nowcast type of event.

That clipper will deliver in another arctic blast with temperatures back in the teens for Thursday after morning lows probably in the single digits below zero in most rural areas. In the north, acutal low temperatures could be in the -15 to -25 degree range with wind chills closer to -30 to -40 degrees! Is this March? Yes it is and it will be marked by wild swings. We are warming past the freezing mark by Friday and we are pushing 50 by Sunday with rain showers back in the forecast.

Long range, it looks like next week will generally be a mild one with highs in the 40's and 50's, but there is a sign on at least a couple of computer models that by the end of next week we could be back into a colder regime with stormy weather still entrenched. Something to watch, so just throwing it out there that even though we will warm up this weekend into next week after getting blasted by the arctic air tomorrow through Thursday and Friday, winter is not over until the fat lady sings and old man winter has to have a few more tricks up his sleeve for we can't just end on such a boring and uneventful note, snow-wise, this season. We did last year, sort of, as last March was miserable for snow and rain for that matter, but on April 5th we were all surprised with our little 2-4" snowstorm that interrupted all sorts of baseball and softball practices alike.

More on the forecast and the little Wednesday snow event for the extreme southern part of SNE tomorrow.

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