Sunday, March 04, 2007

Quiet Weather Ahead...But Wild Temperature Swings Ahead

I hope you enjoyed the near 60 degree readings yesterday. Tomorrow that will become a thing of the past. It won't be all that cold with highs in the mid to upper 30's but an Arctic cold front that has been advertised for a while will be moving through the area tomorrow night, during the evening rush with a big burst of wind and flurries and possibly some scattered briefly heavy snow squalls that could deposit a quick dusting to one inch of snowfall. Tuesday will be mighty cold with highs struggling to reach 20 degrees in Boston and highs will struggle to get out of the teens in Boston's suburbs. Lows will drop into the single digits. This cold shot will last into Thursday and Friday and we will get out of the freezer by Saturday with highs approaching 50 degrees once again with scattered rain showers possible.

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