Thursday, March 01, 2007

10PM UPDATE...Major Downgrading

Its 10PM and the newest model information is coming in and it does not look good at all. All the models have pushed the rain/snow line way far north into southern New Hampshire and Vermont with this go around for the majority of the storm. I had tried to post an updated map for the accumulation, but there were errors. Instead I will just tell it to you.

Right now I am going for all rain in CT, RI, and most of MA, except for very close to the MA/NH state border. This rain will total 1-3" in SNE, which will likely cause flooding where the ground is still frozen and snow covered, like my backyard with still a 4-6" snowcover.

Further north into southern New Hampshire and Vermont, snow accumulations of 1-4" of possible, with the most the more elevation you have and the further north you are. North of Concord, there will likely be 4-8" with 8"+ in the White Mountains and into Maine. It looks to be a great storm for ski country and Saturday will be a great day to go skiing up North. Down South, not so good. Many areas will lose most of their snowpack tomorrow and with temperatures 50 to 55 on Saturday, all the snowpack will vanish in SNE.

Thats all for now, expect your 10PM and 11PM newscasts starting to downgrade and push their snowfall amounts to the north. The NWS should follow suit soon and by tomorrow morning, I would not be surprised if the Winter Weather Advisory is canceled in SNE and the Winter Storm Warning is discontinued in southern New Hampshire. We will see, but that is just my amateur opinion.

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