Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Return to Winter is Inevitable Next Week

I have really pulled back temperatures for this week from a few days ago. It does not look like we will get into the 60's or 70's anymore. Mid and upper 50's to near 60 is still possible, but the weather will get progressively worse each day this week. First today will be a partly cloudy sky with highs in the lower 50's and tomorrow will feature the same sky with temperatures slightly warmer into he mid to perhaps upper 50's away from the shore and where there is still a decent snowpack, where temperatures will be in the upper 40's to around 50.

Wednesday's forecast temperature is quite variable at this time. A couple computer models have a front going through our area already and this would yield temperatures falling into the 40's and 30's during the day after an early morning high of around 50. Another has gusty SSW winds blowing through SNE which would mean we would be in the 60's. So, I took the middle ground and went for mid 50's for the high, and rain will be moving in during the day, highest probability the later you get in the day. This rain may actually mix with and change to wet snow during the overnight hours Wednesday and into Thursday morning. Little or no accumulation would be expected.

A lull is forecasted most of the day Thursday with spotty showers of rain south, wet snow north. More precipitation may come into SNE with a secondary system spawning along the stationary polar front that passed through the area on Wednesday. This may yield a band of some moderate to perhaps heavy precipitation into SNE with temperatures borderline as to whether it would be rain or snow. As always, the further north you are, the better chance of seeing some snow. This would continue into Friday and would clear out before the St. Patrick's Day festivities on Saturday. The St. Patty's Day Parade in Boston and others in SNE will be mighty cold with temperatures in the 20's with a biting wind. If we get snow late week, the sidewalks in Southie will have to be cleared for the spectators. So if you're going to the parade, you may need to bring a shovel to get that good spot on the route.

This storm, no matter what it delivers in the form of snow, will usher in a more cold and progressively stormy pattern for the eastern third of the lower 48. Anywhere from north of Richmond, VA to the Canadian border is fair game for snow and cold. More on this as we get closer, but I knew that 27 forecasted high for St. Patty's Day would stick out like a sore thumb, and if you're not careful at the parades, you will get frostbite on your thumbs.

Enjoy the spring warmth now and prepare for the cold and snow coming up later next week...I know I will be.

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