Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Part One Accumulations: Snowfall Accumulations by 9AM Friday

These snowfall accumulations are for snowfall on the ground by 9AM Friday morning. It is not taking into account the snow that will fall seperately with the Nor'easter that rides up the coast and arrives by mid afternoon on Friday. That snow looks like it will be amazingly close between an all snow event and a heavy snow to rain/mix event in SNE.

There is so much to talk about, so I will just go through a timeline...

Tomorrow Morning: Very mild...around 50...rain showers widespread.

Tomorrow 4PM: Rain continues...becoming heavier...temps falling rapidly

Tomorrow 11PM: Temps continue to fall. Rain is quickly changing to all snow in CNE and approaching southern VT and NH.

Fri 4AM: Rain has changed to ALL SNOW from Plymouth, MA northward.

Fri 9AM: Snow tapering leaving the amounts posted...a lull in the action develops for a few hours before ROUND 2 that will deliver more heavy snow.


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