Thursday, February 01, 2007


I did not really make any changes to my post last night. However, right now I am thinking that most of SE MA will see mostly rain out of this one. That rain line may sneek up all the way to Bedford by the time it ends. Where it does stay snow, there could be up to an inch, but that may be pushing it with the southern system. Areas to the north of the dashed line may get their snow Friday afternoon with an upper level storm pivoting through the area that may spark off a few snow showers that could add up to an isolated inch as well. This storm will help to "kick" the coastal low further out to sea. GFS and NAM still very divergent, but the NAM has been consistently showing this storm completely missing SNE for about 48 hours now and that has to be credited. So, there is a chance of a total bust and we all wake up to partly cloudy skies tomorrow morning, which wouldn't be that big of a deal as we have already gone through that yesterday morning. Don't expect much or you will be very sad tomorrow. Thats all for now. Next storm chance looked like Monday into Tuesday of next week, but all models have abandoned that solution and going with dry, but frigid conditions for the next 7 to 10 days.


Andrew said...

Looking at the national radar and I am seeing a trend of the precip that I don't like at all. Looks like this is going to be a major miss and all the hopes of earlier this week are quickly being faded.

This is the type of winter where you want to just fast forward through these cold dreary days and go straight to spring and summer by the beach. Winter can be draining.

Andrew said...

I need a new hobby.

Andrew said...

SNOW ADVISORIES for southern CT have been discontinued.

And the downplaying of this storm begins! The snowless streak continues!

I bet BOS NW does not see a flake tomorrow morning.

Joel said...

Think you made a bad decision (see, this is why I didn't want to make a map!).

I could very easily see this not affect SNE at all. Looks like an inch or two, C/N RI...maybe into the Worcester/Boston area.

Think you're overdoing the warmth, and I don't think rain makes it that far north.

Andrew said...

I'm over it...system is way too finicky to even try to map. Everyone stands a shot of 1-2" with the cold front tomorrow night.

Andrew said...


Dry all next week. That puts us through the first week of Feb without any snow in Boston. When was the last time we even had a significant rainfall?

Andrew said...

Tuscon, AZ 3.0"
Malibu, CA 2.0"
Charlotte, NC 2.0" (TODAY)

WTF!!! I'm sick of being in last!!! (piss poor Celtics and Bruins)