Sunday, February 04, 2007


Baby its cold outside. That will be the theme most of this week as we are going into the deep freeze. Remember the low 70's of one month ago. Well, isn't that an all too far distant memory now. Temperatures will bottom out Tuesday morning as much of Boston's suburbs will dip below to 0F mark for the first time in a couple winters. First we have to get through tomorrow morning and afternoon. Tomorrow will start in the low single digits, Boston around 10. There is a WIND CHILL ADVISORY for Worcester County points north and west. Wind chills here tomorrow morning will be in the -15 to -20 degree range. Outside of the advisory area, wind chills will be around 0 to -10. The cold maxes out on Tuesday morning with lows regionwide ranging from 0 to 5 in extreme SNE and urban centers. Lows of -10 to 0 will be found from southern NH to much of the rest of SNE. Wind chills may bottom out at -25F! Now thats cold. Highs will only rebound into the 10's once again.

Still want more cold? You got it. Highs will stay below freezing the rest of the week. By Friday, we may try to budge the 30 degree mark, but then another polar front will move through to begin the weekend and highs will be back into the mid 20's to start out the weekend. Through the entire period, I see absolutely NO SNOW. Not even a flurry. Much of the Northeast will remain dry through the period, except for downwind of the Great Lakes where areas south of Buffalo, NY and Watertown NY have been getting pounded with snow today alone. Snowfall accumulations just today have ranged from about 20-30" in Watertown, NY. Tomorrow they are slated for another one to two feet with more likely all week. It will be insane to see the webcams from that area in the next couple weeks before the Lakes close for the winter due to being frozen. Lake Erie will likely freeze over, cutting snowfall for Buffalo, but Lake Ontario may stay ice free and hammer northwest NY State.

A clipper may bring some snow to the Mid Atlantic Tuesday night through Wednesday, but accumulations even there look to be minimal and it would harmlessly head out to sea. So expect dry conditions through the period and just stay warm.


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