Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Snow in the Forecast

Sorry for not posting in a while. I have been away to see family in California for the past week. It was a nice break for all thats going on around here. If you haven't heard already there is a little storm coming to SNE that will last from late tonight through much of Tuesday.

I have been watching this storm on the computer models for the past couple days and it now looks like the two best models, GFS and NAM are starting to come into agreement. Yesterday, the 18z GFS was really going gangbusters with this storm bringing a nice 6"+ of snow from BOS south. At the same time, the 18z NAM was barely giving any snow to the Cape and Islands. Well, the 6z models are in and they are not the most reliable, but they have come into better agreement. The GFS have backed off and the NAM is pretty much holding its ground. All that said, this is my first and possibly last call on this little storm. North of the MA Pike, don't expect much. Right now I am forecasting a dusting to one inch here. That may be pushing it too. South of the Pike from BOS points south to Hartford, Providence, and Plymouth, expect a general 1-3" by the time all is said and done by sometime on Tuesday. Further south I have forecasted a general 3-5" with possibly 4-8" in the darkest pink in SW CT. That is pretty much it with this one.



Boston 0.5"
Reading T
Worcester 1.5"
Plymouth 2"
Hyannis 3.5"


Providence 3"
Newport 2.5"
Pawtucket 3.5"


Hartford 3.5"
Litchfield 4"
Waterbury 3.5"
Bridgeport 5.5"

Here is the extended forecast for SNE. Today, before the snow, will be quite nice with sunny skies in the morning that will bump temperatures into the lower 40's. Monday and Tuesday will feature temperatures in the 30's with light snow, especially over southern CT, RI, and southern MA. To end off the week, the sun will return and highs my be pushing the middle 40's by Thursday before the next mixed bag of a storm arrives in time for the weekend. More on that as we get closer.


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