Wednesday, February 28, 2007

March Roars in like a Lion

Another winter storm is coming towards all of New England at this time. Today will be a great day, no doubt about it. Highs will reach up all the way into the lower to mid 40's with lots of melting snow. Tomorrow will start out really nice with partly cloudy skies in the morning becoming overcast later in the day.

It looks like all snow will break out for all of SNE from Bridgeport, CT to southern NH on Thursday night. The snow will quickly change to a mostly rain situation in areas shaded in green, after accumulating about an inch of slushy snow, which will likely be washed away with 1-2" of rain that will fall.

Further north in the pink shaded region, the snow will hang on longer and not directly change to rain, but to freezing rain and sleet. Right now I am calling for a general 1-3" of snow with the most near the MA/NH border.

Futhern north into extreme northern MA and much of southern NH and VT, it will be a mostly snow event with heavy snowfall accumulations at that. My first call for this area is a solid 5-9" of snow accumulation with more in the northern mountains, starting just north of Concord, NH, where in excess of 1 foot may fall. A few mountain tops may wind up with closer to 2 feet of snow accumuation.

This situation could easily change because a change in the storm track by 50-100 miles would have a great impacts on how much snow falls and where. If the storm takes a more northern, or inland track, areas in all of SNE can forget about any type of snow accumulation with heavy rains and the Cape would see temperatures into the 50's. A track further to the ESE, or more offshore track, would push the heaviest of the snows out of the northern mountains and into Central New England and we would push that 5-9" accumulation closer to the coast and closer to the Boston metropolitan areas. We are now about 1 to 1.5 days away from the actual event happening, so we are starting to etch this in stone, but you know that these storms are always very finicky so keep tuned to this website and the NWS at for the latest information on this storm and if any watches, warnings, or advisories get posted for this winter storm threat.

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