Thursday, February 08, 2007


The quiet weather may be ending by early next week. Finally. There are now signs that early next week may introduce a period of extremely unsettled and stormy weather for the eastern seaboard. First storm threat will come Monday through Wednesday. The Mid Atlantic looks to be absolutely clobbered by this winter storm early next week. Easily, from Richmond, VA to DC to Baltimore to Philadelphia to maybe NYC, there may be some really heavy snow accumulating to possibly over 12 inches. There are signs that some spots in the Mid Atlantic may receive over 20 inches of snowfall.
What does this mean for us? Well, it means lots. If this storm archs up the coast, we will be looking at a monster blizzard from a direct hit with snowfall of easily 6"+. Even a graze with this storm would mean a nice couple of inches for SNE.
Believe it or not, just days after this storm, there is now another even bigger monster on many of the maps for all of the I-95 corridor from DC to Boston. One thing is for sure, crazy times are approaching and be sure to click back here in the coming days to know the latest.

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