Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Stormy Weather on the Horizon...This Time not so White

Yesterday's little snowstorm caught me by surprise. I was not expecting Boston to wind up with 2" of snow or have Natick almost close in on 4". Where I live, we only managed about 1.5" of snow, but that was even more than the dusting I was forecasting. With today's temperatures into the upper 30's and lower 40's and with the high almost March sun angle, lots of the snow has melted away, especially in the sunny areas. Where the shade is, a little melting went on, but where the sun shines the longest, the ground is totally bare, at least where I live. There will be more melting tomorrow with highs getting back into the lower 40's once again with partly cloudy skies. Tranquil weather will continue into the first part of Thursday, before a total mess arrives at our doorstep on Thursday night.

Thursday night it looks like a wintry mix of precipitation will develop, snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain. North of the MA border, it may start as mainly snow and accumulate to the tune of a few inches with several inches over ski country. SNE will see a quick mix, but with the low taking a route somewhere around Long Island through Providence and out towards Boston, this will allow warm air to get enclosed into SNE turning any wintry mix into a sloppy rain. The rain could very well be heavy at times with nearly 1-2". This may pose a flooding threat in areas where there is still a fairly decent snowcover of saturated snow. Street, or urban flooding will be a major problem with many snow banks covering sewage drains and this will cause many ponds on the roadways. Soldiers Field Road in Brighton/Boston is infamous for late winter, early spring street flooding.

That will blow past our area on Friday night and end Saturday morning as a few widely scattered rain showers or even a few wet snowflakes, before the sun returns Saturday afternoon. The sun will soar the temperatures to around 40 degrees and we will generally stay around 40, give or take a few degrees through the period of the extended forecast. I will mention the possibility of a little light snow Saturday night with a little system coming out of the Ohio Valley, that may deposit a couple inches to the cities of Pittsburgh and State College and Philadelphia's northwest suburbs. That may bounce up in our direction, but it is still way to early to call. Lets just take it one storm at a time for now.

More on the Friday storm later.

For any readers out there, check "New England Weather" (www.sneweather.blogspot.com) as well for information on the forecast and Friday's storm as there is often great details of upcoming storms and more details for when I just can't get to a computer.

Thats all for now, enjoy the "warmth" the next couple days.

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