Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow & Ice Concerns this Week in SNE

We actually have the possibility of seeing some snowfall in SNE coming up tomorrow night and into Wednesday. The first threat of snow comes tomorrow as morning highs near 45 plummet into the lower 30s by the end of the afternoon towards evening. It looks like some areas may see their rain showers transition over to snow showers before the precipitation ends sometime tomorrow night. There could be a small accumulation south of the MA/NH border with tomorrow night’s light snow, but I wouldn’t go more than a skim coating at this point. Our next threat comes on Wednesday with another disturbance coming through. It looks like warm air may get involved in this one and change places south of the MA/NH border to rain/sleet and especially south of the Mass Pike. It looks like areas north of the Pike and west of Route 128 may actually pull out a 1-3” snowfall out of this one coming Wednesday morning lasting until the early afternoon hours on Wednesday. That will not be our only wintry type of threat this week as there will be another one on Friday. This one also looks to be a messy mix in SNE as warm air will get infiltrated into the storm as it heads toward BUF before redeveloping somewhere south of the Pike and moving either between PLY-BOS-POR. A further southerly track would yield more snow and ice north of the Pike as a track to POR would change a brief bit of snow over to all rain, even with the Arctic high over us in southern Quebec. Right now I would say that there is the threat for light accumulating snows north of the Pike with this one as well, likely changing to all rain S&E of Route 495, while turning to sleet and freezing rain in areas that do not need any more ice. This would not be a crippling historic icestorm like last Thursday’s, but it would be enough to create a mess on the roads. There is still plenty of time to iron out those details, so until then enjoy the 60+ degree weather we are experiencing this afternoon.

NOTE: I will be posting a snowfall map later this afternoon/evening regarding the snow/ice potential coming up for WED AM. Like I said, areas north of the Pike are fair game for a couple inches, while areas in southern and central VT/NH/ME may wind up with several inches.

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