Saturday, December 20, 2008

One Out, Another In...

FIRST CALL (12/20/08 @ 9AM): Good morning to everyone out there in SNE. We have a little bit of shoveling to do this morning. We are now under ocean effect snows in eastern Mass that extends out to past Worcester and NE CT. Many areas did very well last night, with generally between 8-10" with a few 12" reports here and there. Peabody, MA got 12" by 11PM last night. In my backyard, I got about 9". Boston's Logan Airport got 10.5", bringing them to over 13-14" for the month and the year. More snow is here today with the OES. Many areas in eastern SNE could pick up another coating to an inch, but areas inside 128, near Boston and especially on the South Shore may pick up another 2-5" of fluffy snow today, believe it or not, so that will undoubtedly bring many areas over 12" for the storm.

Now we turn to our next storm for tomorrow. The snow begins sometime between 5-8AM from south to north. It will start as all snow for everyone, even the Cape, before an abrupt changeover to rain there where there will be little or no accumulation. It will take longer to changeover on the South Shore, but an inch or two of slush cannot be ruled out before a transition to sleet then rain. Boston will changeover as well before getting anywhere between 3-6". If the winds come from the SE quickly, then I could see Boston just getting an inch or two before the switch. NW of Boston in its immediate NW suburbs may get 4" to as much as 7" of wet snowfall before ending due to dryslot or changing over for a brief time. Outside of 128, this will be all snow and a healthy storm at that. Expect a general area of 5-10", likely many 6-7" reports. The Whites into ME will do the best with many locales likely coming over a foot for the storm with near blizzard conditions expected.

Going to the Pats game? Good luck. The ride down to Gillette will feature snow covered roads if you are coming down from the north. It should snow there until about 11AM - 1PM before a changeover. This may be a situation where CBS shows what it looked like early this morning with heavy snow falling, but the game starts with good visibility and light to moderate rain. There is an outside shot that it stays mostly snow this far removed from the storm's center which will pass from south of Long Island to over the Cape Cod Canal. Foxboro will get a few inches of snow out of this tomorrow.

That's all for now. Enjoy the snow today and this OES today should be light enough that you should be able to get Christmas shopping done today, so head out to the stores and spend wisely.

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E.H. Boston said...

Make that map above the final call...BOSTON 3-6"

Haverhill 5-8"