Sunday, December 14, 2008

Awful Pattern!

Well, if you like snow and cold, do not look at this thread. It is going to be downright April like come tomorrow with highs getting into the upper 50s to around 60 with clouds developing later in the afternoon. Then we will see rain shower develop from south to north on Tuesday. Some of these rain showers may bring a little sleet/freezing rain to areas north and west of 495 later Tuesday is what the areas hit hard by the ice storm Thursday night do not need. It does not look like a lot of ice, but enough to be a pain. Then a warm front goes through and we warm up for all rain here in SNE on Wednesday with any snow confined to NNE. We keep rain and showers and mild temperatures through until the end of the week when one final storm will cut north of the Great Lakes and bring in some mild air for all. Right now it looks like we could be pushing 50 with rain on Friday. There could be some low level cold air around because of a HP parked in northern Maine on Friday, so we could have areas north of the Pike stuck in the 30s with some ice confined to higher elevations. South of here, it could be pushing 60 degrees once again. Again, this is a miserable pattern for snow in SNE and it looks to continue.

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