Friday, December 26, 2008

Frosty gets Nuked on Sunday

Good afternoon all. Yesterday I did a post about the long range storm probabilities for early January. That storm still looks like a legitimate threat (Jan 2-5th timeframe). But looking closer in the short range we have got ourselves an amazingly warm day upcoming this Sunday. First we get through tomorrow's transition day with rain showers and raw temperatures in the 40s, but lows overnight Saturday will stay in the 40s, which will be a nice launching pad for Sunday's 'heat.' Right now it looks like 60F is a guarentee away from the water on Sunday even if the skies remained overcast with early showers ending in the morning, but now it looks like we may break out into some sunshine by late morning and early afternoon. This will allow temperatures to skyrocket on Sunday well into the 60s even with a healthy 6-12" snowpack in much of SNE away from the Cape and South Coast. All of that snow will likely melt on Sunday to just a few snow banks by early Monday morning and we will continue the melting process on Monday and Tuesday before it starts to cool down again later next week, setting up storm possibilities for the New Year. Enjoy the warmth, it could rival December 15th warmth when temperatures regionwide in SNE got into the mid 60s. May someone hit 70F on Sunday? I wouldn't bet on it with a deep snow cover still, but mid 60s to upper 60s are a real possibility. Get out there and enjoy it in between football games. (Pats/Bills @ 4)

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