Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Eve Snowstorm

FIRST CALL (12/29/08 @ 4PM) Well, what looked like a clipper bringing a light 1-4" across much of central and northern New England just a day ago, now looks to be something much more important. The computer models are now showing this storm getting its act together in a big way for New Year's Eve day just south of Long Island. We could have a low undergoing 'bombogeneisis' in the afternoon on Wednesday as many are thinking of heading into the city for First Night Festivities. It could be a big mess. Right now this thing looks to start sometime after the morning drive into work if you're going to work. This is my very preliminary snowfall forecast which is a regionwide 3-6" for much of SNE. I am thinking that eastern areas, including just east of Worcester towards Boston, Plymouth, and the Cape will get the best of the storm as it deeply intensifies off the Cape later Wednesday. This should provide for an intense period of snowfall for these areas and high snowfall rates with light fluffy snow and temperatures falling through the teens to perhaps single digits by the stroke of midnight. It is going to be a frigid first night this year, so bundle up and bring the snow pants if your are courageous enough to brave the elements. Further north in ski country, more removed from the storm, a light 1-3", more likely on the lower end of the spectrum, will fall. This looks to be a SNE event, a quick hitting high impact event too. It should provide advisories to be hoisted for much of SNE and parts of CNE, if not winter storm warnings for eastern areas of SNE, including Boston and the Cape. I will have more on this tomorrow as tonight's and tomorrow's computer models are digested. Keep in touch.

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