Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Another Close Call for SNE

It seems like SNE cannot catch a break this winter season. It seems as if a storm will move too far out to sea or it will travel too far west to keep the cold air in for the duration of a storm system. Tomorrow we will have the latter. A storm will travel right over SNE and instead of todays mild rains in the 60s, we will have a very cold rain with highs likely staying in the 30s. Outside of Route 495, there will likely be some freezing rain that could prompt the NWS to issue Ice Storm Warnings for as far east as Worcester County. Some places may see ice accretions of greater than 0.5", which can do some serious damage. Closer to the coast, we will have a cold rain in the lower to middle 30s. If you want to find snow, you will have to travel very far north and west. Even where it is totally cold enough to snow, we will only have limited QPF in these regions, so snowfall to the tune of a few inches is all that looks possible. A few areas may wind up with closer to a half a foot or a little bit more, but they will be the exception rather than the rule. After this storm system which wraps up on Friday as a chilly rain in SNE, some snow in the mountains, we will return to seasonably cold weather with highs in the mid to upper 30s for Saturday and Sunday before we warm up well into the 40s to near 50 for most of next week it appears. Any snow chances look to remain outside the 10-14 day time period, so this winter is dragging its legs in getting started once again here in SNE. For many areas, it has been nearly 10 months since we have seen a snowfall of 3"+. It looks like that streak will continue some more. Sadly, if January forecasts turn out to be right, we could be getting close to one year without a storm delivering 3"+. It seems absurd, but the pattern just doesn't look like it wants to set up for snow in the East this year. Maybe March can pull us through, but by then, who really wants snow to begin with?

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