Friday, February 03, 2006

Is Winter Over?

Seems like everytime I write a post it is during a springlike day in the middle of winter. The big question now is, is winter over? Well, if you have been here for the last SEVEN weeks, you would think that we lived in Atlanta, GA, not Boston. Right now its about 60 degrees out, I am starting to get used to this kind of winter weather.

All the signs of spring are around. About three days ago, there was a robin in my sideyard. Many people here in SNE have also had some of their flowers and crocusses come up. This is about a month and a half premature.

Tomorrow will be another mild one with highs in the lower to mid 40's. Clouds will thicken and lower during the day and by evening rain should be moving in. Just plain rain, all the way up in the North Country as well. The snow will be confined to northern Ohio and southeast Michigan. Cleveland may see over a foot of snow! For Detroit and the Super Bowl, there could be upwards of a half a foot to dig out from.

Next week, after Sunday, colder air will move in, but there does not seem to be many snow chances out there. So, just expect temperatures to be mainly in the lower to mid 30's all of next week with a chance of some snow flurries or snow showers later Thursday with a weak Clipper and maybe some light rain or snow later in the week towards the weekend. Don't hold your breath.

I'll have updates later on the rain for tomorrow night, maybe a half inch to an inch and the colder weather next week.

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