Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Blizzard of 2006 Pictures

Sorry I am showing these pictures a little late. I just haven't found the time lately. Anyway, this is a picture at the tail end of the storm with about 16" on the ground and most of the shoveling, as you can see was done. This is my front porch.

Final snow accumulation, just shy of 17.5" of fluffy snow. By noon on Monday, the next day, the snow had already settled to 13.5".

Here is a mighty snow drift of about 30" on a little roof over some of my back steps to the back porch and deck.

Here is my neighbor's car that was buried by the snow plows. Happy shoveling

If you want to see any more snow pictures just let me know and I'll post some more. Any snow in the forecast. Well, not really, mild air will continue until Friday afternoon and then it is back to the Arctic chill for the weekend and next week. Sunday will only manage the low 20's and Sunday night into Monday morning may be well below zero in many outlying suburbs of Boston and Providence. Enjoy the warmth and melting snow...RAIN FRIDAY THEN BITTER COLD.


linda said...
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linda said...

Nice pictures, How do you get them on your site?

E.H. Boston said...

um, if you get a can use the add image feature and just post them as long as they are .jpg or .gif

thats aobut it