Sunday, February 05, 2006

Winter is Back

Quick Post...

Well, if you have not been outside, you have missed the return of winter. Snow showers were widepread in eastern and central Massachusetts this morning and the snow even came down pretty heavily for a time where I live in Woburn, but hardly stuck. Temperatures today will stay in the mid 30's.

This entire week will feature highs in the lower to middle 30's with lows in the upper 10's to lower 20's. It will be a quiet week of weather with only a chance of some snow flurries Thursday night into early Friday. Nothing big.

This weekend, we could get something a little more important with more than just a snow flurry, but not calling for anything note worthy at this time. Next week looks to be just as cold, but could get a little more stormy around here which will give us more oppurtunities for getting some snow. I'll tune you in as we get closer.

Until then just expect a return to winter temperatures in the 30's and pretty dry and sunny conditions through Friday.

Enjoy, there will be lots of snow making at the ski resorts this week all you skiers and snowboarders.

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