Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow Potential Saturday

Here is a very crude map for the snow potential on Saturday afternoon and night.  I will be the first to tell you that this does not look all that impressive on the computer models and it probably never will.  However, some of the models are printing out a light to moderate event for much of SNE.  The last time I checked, Boston had not seen a 1"+ event in nearly ONE YEAR!  This means that a 2-4" event that would normally barely warrant a mention in a normal winter season now makes headlines.  Let me warn that this one is still many hours away and has the potential to fizzle out and leave us with little if any accumulation.  Some reliable computer models are doing just that, while others are holding serve for advisory snows for many south of Route 2 in Massachusetts.  Even the Cape should get in on the action with any rain quickly changing to all snow down there.  I wanted to wait until the 00z EURO run came out at 1AM, but I can't so I made this knowing that it could change with whatever the reliable EURO comes out with in one hour.  But I think this is a good first guess.  My next update will come tomorrow night late.

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