Sunday, December 23, 2012

Festive Christmas Snow

What looked like to be at least advisory snows about 48 hours ago, the Christmas event now looks much more mundane.  Even though we will not be getting crippling amounts of snow, I am sure most will welcome event the small amount as they open up their gifts on Christmas morning.  However, my thinking to the right is probably the 'worst case' scenario, or the snowiest.  Some models have trouble even spitting out anything over SNE.  Others bring a bit more, so I chose the highest impact scenario.  The start time for CT should be right before midnight on Christmas Eve and then into the wee hours Christmas Day for the rest of the region.  There is little risk of rain mixing in, but the South Coast, Cape and Islands should have trouble accumulating with milder temperatures in the middle 30s.  Further north, we should be able to at least accumulate on the grassy surfaces and perhaps the pavement, but rates will likely be so low that the snow will have a hard time accumulating on paved surfaces.

The storm for the 27th and 28th still looks like a big rainstorm and the models have been pretty consistent in showing that storm as such.  More details on that after we move past this low-impact event on Christmas Day.

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