Saturday, December 29, 2012

FINAL CALL: Saturday Snow

(12:00PM / 12-29-12) I updated the snowfall map from last night and really bumped up totals for eastern Massachusetts.  Inside of Route 495 will really get pounded tonight with 1-2"/hr. snows for a few hour period.  The coastal low is now taking over off the Delmarva and really looks impressive on satellite imagery.  Also, the computer models (all of them) strengthen the storm tremendously ("bombogenesis") and push that comma head of most intense snows and wind over eastern Mass.  This is why I had to increase totals to 6-10" in that heaviest band.  SE of it, there will likely be more precipitation (QPF), but it will be warmer and they will have to contend with precipitation type issues for the beginning of the storm.  NW of Plymouth, you should remain mostly if not all snow.  This is the biggest storm in eastern Mass in over 2 years, so please take it easy out there later tonight.  Our winter driving skills haven't been tested in a long time.  Take care.

(11:55PM / 12-28-12) Here is my last call for tomorrow's snow.  Computer models came in a little 'juicier' today, forcing me to increase totals across the board today.  I like interior SE MA, eastern CT, and northern RI for the jackpot area (4-8").  Most areas will likely come in on the lower end of these totals, but it would not shock me if a few towns finished on the higher end.  The one wildcard is the Cape.  If they somehow avoid mixing or starting as rain, then they could be off to the races and that 2-5" call would be extremely conservative.  However, it looks like they will be dealing with precipitation type issues throughout the storm until the very end.  Overall, the further N&W you go, the fluffier the snow.  The closer to the coast and SE MA you go, the more pasty the snow will be.

Start time is from 10AM to 2PM from SW to NE.  Expect it to end some time overnight Saturday or the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Clearing through the morning hours Sunday and a cold Pats game at 4PM at Gillette.  The real Arctic arrives later next week.  By next Friday, high temperatures could struggle to get out of the TEENS with lows BELOW ZERO in the suburbs.  Welcome to winter!  It's been missing in action for the past two years, but I think it's almost safe to say that it is back and with  a vengeance.  

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