Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Miracle?

Not a lot of time to post today, but there are subtle indications that a weak area of low pressure could develop off the South Coast of SNE later Christmas Eve night into the wee hours of Christmas Day.  Right now most models keep most, if any, of the light snow south of the Mass Pike, but a few ensemble members of the American GFS model bring advisory (2-4" type) snows for much of the region.

I would bet against much of anything during this time frame and expect a brown Christmas for most outside of the northern Whites, Greens, and mountains of Maine.  That midweek storm (along about Thursday of next week) is still on the models and was a monster on the latest midday run of the GFS.  The European model (EURO) is coming out right now and we will have to see what it does with both the Christmas event and midweek system.  The overnight EURO run had this trekking along the Apps, bringing most of SNE rain.  It's still a week out, so we will continue to see change after change leading up to that event.

Next update most likely on Saturday. 

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